Sunday, February 12, 2017

101 in 1001: Update #1

Popping in and linking up with some fabulous ladies to share a little update on my 101 in 1001 list. This is the first time that I've really scrutinized my progress since I made this list way back in September. Let's just say, I've got some work to do. 


#3 See a Modern Wonder of the World 
I'll be sharing more later this month, but our Christmas trip through Mexico took us to one of the modern wonders of the world...Chichen Itza. This epic temple built by the Maya people really is a marvel. 
chichen itza

#12 See a Broadway Show in New York 
I get to cross this off the list twice! We saw Chicago during a January visit to New York and then saw Alladin during our Valentine's Day in NYC. 
alladin broadway

#14 Fly First Class 
With as much as we fly, I can never bring myself to pull the trigger and pay double {or more} for a first class seat. Being frugal like this is how we managed to get a year of free flights. But I've been wanting to splurge a little and have the experience of being pampered during a flight...just once. Well, I totally lucked out on this one and it just kind of happened. I booked a flight through a 3rd party website on the supper cheap (like 50 bucks) and somehow I was seated in first class. Got the perks of flying first class without paying for it! I'll take it. 

#54 Take an Anniversary Trip 
Hoping to do this every anniversary now. To celebrate 3 years, we headed out to the West Coast and spent a little over a week Wandering through Washington
anniversary trip

#58 DIY a Headboard for the Bedroom 
Had hoped that I would be able to pull this one off, but wasn't sure that it would actually work because this was the first project of this magnitude that I attempted. But I love my headboard, you can see a tutorial for my "no sew" tufted headboard here
diy tufted headboard

#59 Build a Coffee Table
Yep, have been building a lot of furniture lately. My whole apartment is pretty much a DIYer's haven. 

Several of the items on my 101 in 1001 are long-term commitments, so here's a few that are actively in progress. 

#1 Hike through 10 new national parks 
This is a tough one, since most of the parks are on the West Coast and we currently live on the East Coast. We're actively working to it though. We planned our anniversary trip around visiting Washington's national parks and managed to visit all 3! We did a day trip through North Cascades National Park and hiked through snow, rain, and hail in Mount Rainier National Park. We also kayaked in Lake Crescent and spotted wild elk in the HoH Rainforest of Olympic National Park. More epic national park experiences to add to the memory book!
We've got 7 more national parks to go in order to cross this item off the list. Thankfully, we're currently in the process of planning to visit a few more during our upcoming Spring Break from grad school.

#26 Get TSA Approved

This is already in the works. My appointment is right around the corner, but my understanding is that this last step will just be a formality. Beyond excited to get the flying security privileges. 

#87 Hit my Goal Weight
I've lost 10 pounds in the past month and a half. I kind of can't believe it and am hoping to amp things up even more over the next couple of months. Definitely getting there.

I've completed more items then I had thought, but at 5 months in, I really have to get to work on more of the long-term goals/projects. I made my 101 in 1001 list overly ambitious for a reason and I'm really looking forward to pushing myself between now and my next update. 


  1. Woohoo for so much progress. Your list is awesome and I love the pic on your trip to Mexico. First class for free?! Score! That's amazing. I have plans to make a headboard too-- may need to use your tutorial :)

    1. Definitely made lots of process, but I'm also thinking that my list is way too ambitious. Guess we will see