Tuesday, September 4, 2018

a laid back labor day weekend

Everyone who knows me was asking what I was up to this past weekend because 3 day weekends normally = a trip. But this weekend, I took it easy. It was full of biking, napping, moving, kayaking, blogging, setting all the denture teeth, grilling out, and just relaxing. 
Friday night I went to bed at 7PM-no lie. And I had no trouble sleeping through the night because it had been a loooong week. Then I stayed in town Saturday to work on a denture case in the lab, pack, and clean my apartment. After some early lab time Sunday morning, I made the drive to Virginia to spend the remainder of the weekend with my boys. And that's where the real fun began. On actual Labor Day, I did an early morning bike ride 🚲 

It was a solo ride since Husband doesn't wake up before the sun rises like I do, but so serene and peaceful. 
 Norfolk is nicknamed The Mermaid City, so it was fun spotting all the mermaid statues along the way. 
 Nearly a 6 mile bike ride without even noticing thanks to those pretty waterfront views
Later that day, we went for a paddle and took the pup along. 
Ironically, we went kayaking for Labor Day 2017. We never would have guessed a year ago that we would now be living right on the water with kayaks of our own. 
just enjoying the time with my boys
We spent the rest of the day catching up on work and grilling out on the roof before I made the drive back to the dental school for the week. It was nice to spend Labor Day right around our own place and avoid the holiday crowds. We loved the time together because Labor Day weekend always feels like an official end to summer. So this weekend was a definite reminder to enjoy what's left of the summer. 

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