Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Islands in the Sky

Wanderlust Wednesday-Week 25
Our very last stop on our Mighty Five Southwest Road Trip was the city of Moab, Utah. Moab has not one, but two national parks…Cayonlands & Arches. While Arches National Park is the more famous of the two, I've always preferred to stay off the beaten path. Don't get me wrong, Arches is impressive, but Canyonlands is life changing. 

We were only in Canyonlands National Park for a day, so we visited the Islands in the Sky district since it's most accessible. And that's exactly what they are…islands in the sky. A land full of miniature mountains in the clouds. Every single hike, overlook, and road we drove in this park was a wow moment. A completely surreal day and one of the best in my life.

 Everything about this day reassured me. It made all the hardships I've faced and all of the challenges that I have yet to endure feel so insignificant. How could you possibly be worried or stressed or anything, but purely happy when you have the opportunity to experience a place as beautiful as this? Have you ever had a moment like that? It was so simplistic, but powerful enough to change my outlook on life. Days like this are exactly why I travel. 

found the best spot to cook some lunch…these views made for a better meal than any five star restaurant 

This is one place that I will be going back to again and again. Only next time, I'll be prepared to stay for a week or more.

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