Saturday, September 3, 2016

goblin valley + little wild horse

We loved our southwest road trip because there's nothing better than exploring a new part of the country with your best friend in the seat beside you. But sometimes, the driving got to be a little bit much and a good pit stop was needed. During our drive from Capitol Reef to Arches National Park, we stopped at Goblin Valley State Park. It's the perfect spot for passing through, since there aren't any true trails in the park. Just lots of space for playing and roaming around the "goblins" (hoodoos), but beware because it's haunted!

Can you make out the shape of the goblins? 

 We also stopped at Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon, which is right next door. Nothing like escaping the desert heat by hiking and climbing through a cool shaded slot canyon. 
+staying hydrated with fancy tea 
Goblin Valley, our stay with you was short, but sweet. While I wish we could have stayed longer, I'm glad we got a taste of this amazingly unique place because there is nowhere else on earth quite like it. Back to the car and onto the next stop along our Mighty Five adventure. 

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