Thursday, September 22, 2016

summer bucket list {completed}

Well, summer is officially over. happy first day of fall friends. But, before I move onto all things pumpkin, I wanted to revisit my summer bucket list to see what actually got crossed off and what didn't. And it's no surprise that this bucket list revolved around two things 1.) getting outdoors and 2.) traveling to new places
This was one epic summer thanks to all the traveling we did. Seriously! After our week long southwest road trip in Utah, we travelled to Cape Cod, Maine, Vermont, then Maine again. Toss in trips to New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut too. Plus exploring Chicago. This summer was jam-packed. And I'm especially impressed with how many trips we managed to fit in since I returned to grad school back in July.

Canoe or Kayak the Charles River
This one sort of got crossed off? The Charles River runs right through Boston, so we thought it would be fun to kayak with the city skyline in view. But for our first time kayaking in the city, we made a change of plans that allowed us to kayak with our dog. So glad we did that, and we will officially kayak the Charles this weekend. Anyway, I think this one counts. 

Take PJ to the Beach 
Thank you Cape Ann, you were the perfect place for beaching it with a pup! 

My birthday trip involved visiting Acadia in Maine. Love that I have that gorgeous place to remember my birthday by. 

XBake a New Summer Dessert 
As much as I love to bake, I barley did anything this summer. Was too busy with grad school and traveling, so I'm ok with it. 

hike the green mountains in vermont and the white mountains in new hampshire 
Yes and yes. The green mountains of vermont and the white mountains of new hampshire are THE mountains to hike in New England. We took long weekend trips to both, which are highlights of our summer. 

XPlan a Picnic 
Nope didn't happen 

XSoWa Sundays aka Boston's Farmer's Market
Ugh, I'm really bummed about this one. But, SoWa goes through the end of October. Hopefully, we can fit this in during the fall. 

Take a Ferry ride to Cape Cod or Nantucket or Both! 
We've been to Nantucket before, so since we only had time for one, we went to Cape Cod. 

Eat all the ice cream & gelato and don't feel guilty about it 
managed to lose 12 pounds this summer, so didn't once feel guilty about eating ice cream, it was well earned. 

Xspend a day along Boston Harbor

visit a Botanical Garden
Haven't blogged about this one yet, but I swear it happened. 

XLearn to Make a Summer Cocktail
Drank lots of summer cocktails made by capable bartenders, does that count?!?

Xride a Swan Boat in Boston Common 

climb Mt. Washington
This is the highest mountain peak in the northeast, so we earned some major bragging rights with this one. 
go on a road trip
I think we crossed this one off the list 3x over with road trips to New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. But our biggest one was a week long southwest road trip in Utah. 

XHarvard Stadium Run

take at least 3 day trips around new england
This summer, the husband and I made it to all six states that make up new england: Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire. Some states even got multiple visits thanks to being able to make day trips. I guess 3 was a modest number, here are all the new england cities that we visited for a day. 

block island, rhode island
portland maine 
providence rhode island 
meriden conneticut
gloucester massachusetts 
rockport massachusetts 
sandwich massachusetts 

visit a new major city
pretty sure Chicago counts

I'm noticing that most of the things that didn't get crossed off the list are specific to Boston. This is mostly because I left Boston and moved back down South for grad school in July. And that moving date snuck up on me big time. But since husband is still living in Boston {we're in a long distance marriage while we're both in grad school}, I will have a chance to go back and cross a few more things off this list when I visit him in the future. For now, I'm amazed that we visited 8 new states this summer, road tripped thousands of miles, swam in waterfalls, and hiked more than 100 miles along mountain trails. 
I didn't quite cross everything off my bucket list, but it doesn't even matter. 
Summer 2016,
 you were the best! 

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