Tuesday, September 6, 2016

kayaking with a dog

Something that has been on my Boston Bucket List forever is to kayak the famous Charles River. But for our first time kayaking in the city, we decided to go a more relaxed route. Tom planned a kayaking trip for us at Spot Pond and the best part of the trip is that we were able to take our pup along.
Aside from fitting in my purse and being the perfect lap warmer, another perk of having a small pup is that they are kayak sized!

A few tips for kayaking with your dog
  • Make sure your dog wants to go. Not all dogs want to be out and about and adventurous. Our guy loves all people and all animals, but some dogs may feel nervous or stressed in a new situation. Be sure your pup is adaptable. 
  • Size: Make sure they fit! Our pup is only 14lbs so we had no problem with this one. 
  • "Stay": The stay command has been one of the best/most useful things we've taught our little westie pup. Anytime it seemed like he was thinking of jumping out of the kayak {and swimming after the ducks}, we simply told him to stay to keep him put.
  • Life Vest? It probably seems a little crazy to get a life vest for your dog because their paws are webbed, which makes them natural swimmers. We didn't use a life vest this time, since we were in an isolated pond. But it's a good idea for open water or rough waters. You never know what may happen, so keep your fur ball safe. 

Boating in Boston? Yes Please! 

This first time kayaking in the city of Boston was perfect thanks to the best weather, views, and company. Glad that we've found yet another fun thing to do in the city. 


  1. He looks like he was having the best time! Michael really wants to go kayaking too and we still haven't done it!

    1. Oh you guys should go. I bet there are some amazing spots in oregon to kayak

  2. That looks like so much fun! I don't think I've ever kayaked before, I have ridden in a canoe once, but wasn't trusted to paddle at all. And those are very good tips for anyone with a smaller dog that wants to kayak. I feel it's important to listen to your dog on if going out in the middle of water is fine for them!

    liz @ j for joiner

    1. Well let me tell you, kayaking is way easier than canoeing. The paddles are super light so I've kayaked by myself before (though tom and I normally share a tandem kayak). Canoeing is kind of hard I think because the oars are so heavy. And yes about the dog. I always feel bad when I see someone out with their dog and it's obvious the animal is stressed and doesn't want to be there. Our pup ended up just laying down and napping in the kayak lol