Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall To-Do List

Now that I'm back to grad school, my life revolves around to-do lists. It seems that for every item that I manage to check off, 3 more get added. But this is one to-do list that I'm excited about. Now that I've completed my summer bucket list, it's time to get started on this Fall To-Do List.

SoWa Sundays aka Boston's farmers market. This is carry-over from my summer list that didn't quite get done. But I'm thinking fall produce may be even better than summer. 

Celebrate Anniversary: Our wedding anniversary always coincides with the start of fall. I planned it this way--to get married during my favorite season. This year, we are celebrating 3 years of marriage. We're in a long distance relationship again, so marking milestones like this one are more important than ever now. Anniversary celebrations start this weekend.

Attend an Oktoberfest. Last Fall, my big to-do was to go apple picking. This year I want to do an Oktoberfest. Pumpkin flavored ales for the win!

Wearing all the plaid, leather, and boots + leggings. So excited to unpack my J Crew herrigbone vest and my LL Bean boots. Oh, how I've missed you two.

Fall Foliage Camping: There is nothing this girly girl loves more than a night out in the woods, I've been camping every month for the last 6 months, so why break the streak? Plus, I've never been camping during the Fall and who wouldn't want to be surrounded by all the pretty autumn colors. 

And because you can't go camping without hiking…tack 3 unique hikes 

Make apple cider donuts from scratch. This recipe was a big hit with the husband last year and so easy to make. 

Mixing my two loves of pumpkin and baking. Bake pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies from scratch

Put the dog in a Halloween costume and force him to wear it even though I already know that he hates it.

Decorate's been years since I've done this one, so it would be fun to do.

Drink all the apple cider, moscow mules, and hot cocoa. 

Make lots of homemade soups with freshly baked bread

This list is short, but sweet and I can't wait to get started. I'm determined to get through every single thing on this list. 

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