Friday, September 30, 2016

home sweet apartment

I'm right in the middle of getting settled into my grad school apartment, but last weekend I was back in Boston to visit the husband for our 3 year anniversary. Getting to return to the cute apartment that we used to share together has me feeling all sorts of nostalgic.
Now that we're living in separate states while we attend our perspective grad schools, I'm missing this first place that we shared as a married couple. I have to document it and what it looked like while we lived there together so here's just a few glimpses of our home sweet apartment...
Hands down, my favorite part of the apartment is the sunlight that streams in through the windows. We've planted the succulents from our wedding and they are thriving along this windowsill garden
Love this tiny kitchen that's actually pretty large by Boston standards.
My new kitchen is 3X as big, but is so much more lonely. I'd much prefer to cook for two again in this tiny space, than cooking for one. 
The place has hard wood floors throughout, which meant adding lots of cozy rugs. I adore this one that husband picked out for the office and PJ is a fan too. 
A little ridiculous I know, but we put stairs at the bottom of the bed to make it easier to climb into for our pup. 
This little place in the city may not seem like much to some. But it was ours and the first place that we lived together as a married couple. Years from now when we own our home, I will still remember this home sweet apartment. 

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