Monday, October 31, 2016

epic halloween fail!

This Halloween was an epic fail to say the least. We ditched our original plans so that we could go on an autumn camping trip. Only it was pouring rain and a lot colder than we bargained for. So we cancelled the camping trip and made new plans. But those fell through too. On top of everything I was sick and in desperate need of rest. Basically, I was feeling like a total failure at this holiday that I love so much. And then I realized that even though we weren't getting to celebrate the actual day, this Halloween is not a fail at all because we’ve been celebrating all month long thanks to.
spending time in this underground bar 
drinking all the pumpkin beers

a pumpkin patch with gorgeous mountain views 
drinking even more beer at the Leavenworth Oktoberfest
enjoying all of these autumn leaves
and sitting by lodge fires with cute pumpkins lining the hearth
 up to a little hocus pocus AND
 more pumpkin beer 
All of these things made for a very Happy Halloween! 

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