Monday, October 17, 2016

Celebrating 3 Years of Marriage

We’re just back from a week long anniversary trip in the Pacific Northwest, wandering Washington state. And now, we will always have this trip full of mountain views, breathtaking moments, and fireside chats to remember our third year anniversary by.
Because Tom and I travel fairly often, I didn’t really think too much about this trip as it approached. But once we landed and our week began, I realized how much we actually needed it. With the added stress of being in a long distance marriage, we needed something special to mark the occasion of our anniversary. Something to show that we made it through another year. And while it may seem glamorous to spend a whole week celebrating, the reality is that we had to sacrifice so much of ourselves and our lives to make this trip possible. The fact that we were both willing to do that for one another, to give time to celebrate each other and our union, well for me that speaks volumes to our commitment going forward.
While marriage can be the most rewarding relationship you will ever have, it’s also a lot of work. And this trip allowed us to fully recognize and understand that. It has given us a chance to reflect on the shortcomings in our marriage and how we can improve upon them. It’s given us the opportunity to reminisce on everything positive from this past year. But most importantly, it allowed us to create the best memories to propel ourselves into our next year of marriage. So to my sweet husband (that reads every single one of my blog posts), happy anniversary.


  1. Jasmine ! Gorgeous photos :) Happy Monday, I will be following along as a new blog follower !

  2. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pictures.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Mattie and thank you again for all the Seattle recommendations. Pretty sure I may have gained some weight on this trip lol