Wednesday, October 5, 2016

headed to the Pacific Northwest

This weekend Tom and I are headed to the Pacific Northwest. We marked 3 years of marriage a few weeks ago, but this upcoming trip is our big gift to each other. Now that we're long distance again, we could really use this time together. And I think we both need a bit of a break from grad school. Plus, neither of us have been to this part of the country before so this will be a trip full of firsts.
The Pacific Northwest is made up of two states…Oregon and Washington. Our original itinerary included stops through both states via Seattle and Portland. But with only a week to travel, we realized that we couldn't do both. It felt too much like we were cheating ourselves so we decided to focus our time in Washington and we'll have to return for Oregon. We're planning to spend a few days in Seattle, then take off to do some autumn hiking through Washington's national parks. Really hoping that Washington shows off for us with its fall foliage. Only a few more days of school {which unfortunately involves a test + several graded assignments} to get through before I'm free for an entire week. See you soon Seattle. 


  1. Have so much fun!! We were originally planning the same thing with both Portland & Seattle but ended up only going to Seattle. I am glad we did and we enjoyed our time in Seattle SO much being able to stay for a few days. Enjoy!

    1. I agree. We're all about packing everything in, but didn't want to rush so much that we didn't really enjoy things. And you guys only had a weekend right? Def makes sense to pick just one, choosing was the hardest part. Will have to check out your Seattle posts to have as a guide.