Monday, October 3, 2016

Goodbye September, Hello October

september lately
Oh October, I am so happy to see you. 
You will be a busy one with lots of exams and practicals already scheduled with grad school. But I'm still so excited for you. Can't wait to start crossing things off my fall to do list and looking forward to a big upcoming trip. But before I get too ahead of myself, let's say a proper goodbye to September shall we?

Kicked off the month doing bridge walks with this sweet pup and handsome husband that was in town
Cooling off after with dips in the pool + cheating on my laps with fins
Even with this Southern heat, we're starting to see pops of Fall
And the Start of Fall always corresponds with the Start of School.
Hooray for back to {grad} school supplies for me
+ back to school supplies for the pup thanks to this cute barkbox
 And how adorable are these postcards that Tom has started sending me as reminders of trips we've taken together in the past? Got postcards for two very different places: Acadia National Park in Maine and Savannah in South Carolina.

Also sorry for all the dog photos, but really have you ever seen a cuter pup?  He gets so excited to ride in the car because it normally means we're headed to the dog park.
squeezing in a few health-ish meals before I start with the Halloween candy in October
Also, this is what happens when it's too hot to leave your dog in the car, but you need to run into the fabric store to cash in on a great sale. Yep, I'm that crazy lady…pushing her dog around in a cart.
But this pup helped me pick out the perfect fabric for a tufted headboard that I'm DIYing. Will share a full tutorial soon, but here's a sneak peak of the nearly finished product. Can you believe I made this? I kind of can't

Finishing up a few more projects with a grad school apartment tour coming soon.
In the meantime, here's a tour of the home sweet apartment Tom and I shared together in Boston this past year.
Then finally came the weekend that I waited all month for! Time to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. 
The pup and I took a rainy red eye to Boston that we almost missed because I got a flat tire on the way to the airport. 
changing a tire by yourself in the dark + rain = not fun 
sprinting to catch your flight with 1 min until the gate closes = also not fun 
But we made it just in time to catch our flight to Husband
Spent the perfect anniversary weekend with Tom that included dinner at our favorite place. 
Plus loving the travel themed + leather themed gifts we gave each other for our anniversary this year….more details here.
we even managed to catch a football game this month
we are not big sports fans, but we had to go thanks to FREE tickets from some sweet friends.
boston college vs. wagnor
also, here's everything I know about football…told ya that we aren't sports fans 
everything i know about football
we spent the whole game being taught the rules by our friends who are from different countries, how ironic? we are the worst Americans to not know how football works. thank goodness for the mascot and marching band to keep me entertained…oh and we won by the way 
masctos and marching bands
Favorite part of the month, finally making it to SoWa Sundays = Boston's everything market.
 we were big fans of the farmer's market at Sowa 

and the beer garden too!
Then, I left Boston and came back down South to constant rainy weather that is totally matching my mood since I'm sick.
Ended up missing a week of school (that should be fun to make up) because I have strep throat AGAIN. I swear, I should just keep my own stockpile of antibiotics. 
Even though you had a few hiccups like flat tires and being sick, there were lots of good things about you September. Spending all the free time I have with my pup and the husband. DIYing some fun new projects. Celebrating 3 years of marriage with the best outings and even better gifts. 

October, you've got a lot to live up too. 

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  1. What a great month for you guys!! I'm a bit jealous of your back to school supplies! :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Your pup is so cute!! I love that picture in the shopping cart haha

  3. Haha I love that you said the mascot kept you entertained at the football game because I LOVE mascots. If they're near my section at ANY sporting event I'm like OH MY GOSH I WANT A PICTURE and if they walk away I'm so sad about it haha.