Monday, July 13, 2015

Charmed by Charleston

Having lived in the South as long as I have, I can't believe that I've never been to Charleston. Regularly ranked as one of the most charming cities in America, Charleston is a place where horse-drawn carriages and Southern hospitality reign supreme. Our weekend in Charleston was planned for months and the anticipation was rising, but then tragedy struck. People questioned our decision to still visit Charleston, but canceling our plans was never a question. Staying away would only mean giving a negative situation more power, which would be the worse thing that we could do. Once in Charleston, we quickly learned that it's a city filled with some of the most kind-hearted generous people that you will ever meet and the horrible circumstances that happened there have brought people together. 
So thank you Charleston for continuing to be as charming as ever.
What we loved about Charleston
>>Brightly colored homes standing against an even brighter sky 
>>Palm Trees and Spanish Moss enveloping the City 
>>the feeling of community that even a true Southerner couldn't describe, it's just something that you have to experience for yourself 

you are one of the most darling cities that we've ever seen
this perfectly pink house and those kelly green shutters//SWOON
I could happily live in any of these, but Husband and I have picked this yellow bricked beauty as our favorite. Those moss covered steps and those perfectly trimmed hedges, this one needs to be our future home!
If only.... 
Even though these homes are the brightest colors ever, they almost looked pale against the brilliantly blazing sun and that dazzling bluer than blue sky 
Seriously, I adored the architecture here. Everywhere you turn, there is something beautiful to see. It's almost embarrassing how many pictures of Charleston homes are sitting on my memory card right now. I can't believe that Husband didn't get annoyed with me for snapping photos non-stop.
Speaking of my amazing Husband, I sent him into a cafe to grab water for the pup and he came out with something for me too. 
He sure knows the way to this girl's heart 
Also, the best way to make new friends in a new city... travel with an adorable pup. Complete strangers can't resist those big cute bunny ears and that snow white fur anymore than we can. We met so many people thanks to him. Seeing Charleston with our puppy in tow definitely made this trip extra special.
More Spanish Moss and another favorite home...I couldn't get enough of either
And this may be a bit macabre, but it's beautiful and breath-taking too
Also you can't visit Charleston without walking along the Waterfront. 
These two curious boys definitely agree on that! 
The famous Pineapple Fountain! 
Helping PJ cool down on a hot day may have involved wading through the fountain! 
Oh you know just sunning ourselves to dry off wet hair and toes or should I say paws 
And when the fountain didn't quite do the trick, it was time for lots of Gelato! 
We took as many long walks along the Waterfront as the weekend would allow. I loved getting to travel with my pup!  

On our way out of town, we stopped at Folly Beach! 
White Sandy Dunes and a Salty Breeze. 
I loved Beachin it with these Bums!
Charleston looks like every color of the rainbow with the brightest homes
Charleston Smells like Salty Marshes and Sounds like heavy rain with rolling thunderstroms
Charleston Tastes like shrimp & girts, biscuits smothered in gravy, and collard greens. Gotta love that Southern Cuisine 
Charleston Feels like a city trying to preserve the best parts of its history while trying to grow and learn from the worst parts of its past 

Charleston you are the most unique and charming city. 
Thank you for an amazing weekend with my Husband and our pup! 


  1. I don't blame you for taking pictures of the colorful homes and buildings. I loved seeing them! I also love the Spanish Moss! Time for me to go to Charleston!

    1. I pretty much love everything about all of our trips...that's my problem. It always leaves me wanting more

  2. I had no idea Charleston was so colourful! It's like eternal spring with pastel overdrive!

    1. I couldn't have said it better myself. It's so bright and cheery