Friday, July 17, 2015

Queen Street

Because Husband and I are in a long distance relationship, most of our date nights occur during vacations. In fact, this is part of why we travel so much. Most couples can go out every weekend if they want, but that's not an option for us. When we can manage to steal a couple of days away for ourselves, traveling to new places helps us make the most of our time together. So every date night seems to involve a new restaurant and every day date is a new adventure. And that's one aspect about this whole long distance thing, that makes it a little bit easier to endure. 

While in Charleston, I knew that we needed to find the perfect dinner spot. We needed a place where we would be able to make the most of our cherished time together. There is a place where Queen Street intersects Bay Street, that embodies the spirit Charleston. From there, you can spot Magnolia' of Charleston's premiere restaurants for Southern Cuisine. 

An air of class and sophistication, the best drinks, and some good ole Southern hospitality. Magnolia's allowed us to be comfortable and relax and focus on spending time with each other.  

A special night always calls for a special dress, so I wore one of my favorites. Forget about the fact that it's my favorite color or that it's textured or that it's got those amazing scalloped edges along the sleeves and hem. More importantly, it was a gift from Husband. To have a guy that pays enough attention to notice the details, well that's special indeed. 

Dress: Anthropologie [my scalloped dress is no longer available, but this neutral one combining scallops and lace is adorable]|| Necklace: Banana Republic|| 
Bracelet: J Crew Factory [exact]|| Handbag: Kate Spade [exact style]|| 
SunHat: Souvenir from Canada|| Wedges: Naturalizer 


  1. Your dress and shoes are so cute! I'm glad you guys got to have a date night.

    1. They are few and far between but so very good when we get a chance to spend time together