Thursday, July 2, 2015

Clinic [Optional]

Today was the best day of clinic that I have ever had or will ever have because today my husband was my patient. He certainly wasn’t the most interesting case I’ve ever seen. Nor, was he the easiest to work with (sorry Tom), but he was definitely my favorite!

I’m technically on summer break, but the dental school clinics are still open and there are tons of free chairs. I’ve been taking advantage of this to get some procedures completed and I even opted to take a clinical skills assessment. Regardless, making the decision to stay at school and do work has been hard to cope with when I know that this week is it as far as my summer vacation goes. Getting to have Husband as my patient today has made it all worth it though. He’s always been on the other side of things…watching me studying, calming me during breakdowns, and encouraging me through my frustrations. It’s taken so many years to get to this point and I’m so glad that he was able to see that it’s all worth it. So to my dear sweet Husband, thanks for being the best patient ever.  


  1. Power couple! There's nothing like having your guy support you with your dreams! And your sacrifice will definitely pay off! I know you'll be a great dentist because of it! Have an awesome weekend Jasmine! xx

    1. Thank you Ele and thank you for your support as well. Being apart of the blogging community has been the best in terms of getting extra support

  2. I love that he came in to be your patient! Hope you have a great weekend!