Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June in Review

Ah June! 
You were super stressful, but pretty amazing too. Trying to balance school work and having a life is a never ending struggle, but I'm happy to take on the challenge. More than anything, I can't believe that you are gone already. I had many more plans for you June, but July has come too soon. 

Kicking the month off with some mani/pedi action was a good way to go. And instead of feeling guilty about taking some time for myself, I multi-tasked. 

Also, June marks the official start of Summer. It's already been well over 100 degrees here, but the heat is nothing compared to the humidity. Even still, you have to love summer when you think of everything associated with how there is fresh fruit everywhere! My favorite breakfast right now definitely involves mangos, pineapples, and strawberries with greek yogurt and a little honey. Yum! And PJ likes it too.

Thankfully, I cooled down a bit with a trip up North to visit Husband. By the way, I can't decide if I prefer flights at sunrise or sunset. They are both so pretty!

Spending my Birthday Weekend in New England was pretty much the best thing ever because celebrating in Nantucket with Husband was even better than I could have imagined. Plus, I loved that this year's birthday dress involved sooo much PINK.  

Speaking of pink, Husband pointed out that it has taken over my instagram. I guess I don't mind a little pink here and there. Who am I kidding? I adore it, especially in the form of birthday gifts. 

It feels like all those birthday celebrations were ages ago though since I've been studying non-stop ever since. 

And how cute is this study buddy? I seriously don't know what I would do without him by my side to keep me company.  

When I wasn't studying in my jammies or wearing scrubs to clinic and actually had a chance to get was a good thing. 
Well June, I didn't get nearly enough studying done. Nor did I get enough sleep. My to-do list seems to be even longer than it was when the month started and I have no idea how we've gotten to the point where we are halfway through 2015.
 Regardless, I'm counting June as a win. 
Bring it on July! 


  1. I'm still loving all the pics from your birthday trip. I love to see how you ladies balance it all particularly with board prep since that's coming up for me now. Looking forward to keeping up with all your adventures this month!

    1. Thanks Ele. I'm still trying to balance everything. Starting early with boards studying has definitely been my saving grace. Because I'm in clinic right now and my patient's treatment comes first, I haven't had a chance to freak out about studying for boards. I pretty much just study wherever and whenever I can during the week with all day study sessions on the weekend. I took off from studying for my birthday weekend and I plan on enjoying the 4th of July, but after that I will be plowing full speed ahead after until early August.

  2. Your breakfast looks delicious! I love the puppy pics! I know I've said it before, but your pup is so cute!

    1. Eating is one of my favorite activities so I had to share a few food pics. And that you for your sweet compliment about my pup. And don't worry, I won't tell him about it because we wouldn't want it going to his head